9 Luxury Candles That Will Make Your Home Smell Heavenly

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You know that feeling of comfort and relaxation you get the moment you walk into a nice hotel? Part of that comes from the design and decor, but a big part is how it smells. The finest hotels have their own signature scents so why can’t your house have one too? Lighting luxury candles quickly makes your home feel more like a luxury vacation. With these sophisticated luxury home scents you will be ready for your next self-care day, charm your houseguests, or even better…enjoy them just because you can.

High-End Candles & Brands

loewe candle

LOEWE Candle

With their natural and pure scents, LOEWE Home Scents‘ artful candles bring the outdoors in. Each candle is cradled in a handmade, glazed terracotta earthenware container that will add an incredibly contemporary touch to any room’s decor.

jo malone london candle

Jo Malone London Candle

Jo Malone London candles are hand-crafted in England and passed through 16 pairs of skilled hands before completion. Each candle is lovingly crafted by hand in a converted dairy, in the South Downs of England. Add an air of luxury to any room, encased in their timeless and iconic cream and black design.

dior candles


Dior Privee candles are made of unique fragrances for an atmosphere full of character. Each candle is held in an elegant white container sure to elevate any room. Create unique atmospheres by blending scents to reveal an endless palette of memories and emotions and introduce yourself to the perfumed art of living.

nest new york candle

NEST New York

At NEST New York moods are elevated and scent is celebrated. Their fragranced home, perfume, personal care, wellness, and technology collections transform the everyday through scents that transport, inspire and captivate the senses. Recognized by the fragrance industry as a game-changer, they have a unique approach to fragrance, artfully blending notes of the familiar, the exotic, and the unexpected for a fragrance experience like no other.

tory burch candles

Tory Burch

Tory Burch candles offer fragrance with a modern interpretation of the casual ease and polished optimism that define Tory’s aesthetic. Each candle is made from hand-poured soy wax and is encased in a contemporary or even quirky container.

voluspa luxury candles


Exquisite scents, cool, colorful, reusable containers that are designed in-house, and perfectly formulated candles are the backbone of who Voluspa is. Their ingredients are rare, sourced globally, and are of fine fragrance quality. Each ingredient contributes to an exclusively unique fragrance that is far above and beyond that of typical department store candles.

maison margiela candles

Maison Margiela

Captured in minimal clear glass jars with cotton labels echoing tags on their clothing, Maison Margiela candles have been created to evoke familiar scents and moments in different locations. For example  Under the Lemon Trees brings us the quintessential summer Cologne, inviting us to ‘take a nap under the lemon trees while you indulge in sparkling citrus scents, refreshing green leaves and the warm Mediterranean breeze.’ Each and every one of the Maison Margiela Replica candles is absolutely worth sniffing out.


mad et len candles


MAD ET LEN’s own manifesto says it best; “We are looking to create a new contemporary concept of the French perfumery: an innovation of working and experimenting on a new form of beauty through our primal olfactory and tactile senses. Each Mad et Len candle is poured into a handcrafted iron container and contains no petroleum by-products.

byredo candle


The Byredo luxury scented candle collection brings Byredo’s signature multi-faceted fragrance offerings to the home for the ultimate olfactory experience. Their candles are crafted in elegant smoked black glass, featuring black wax and wicks, and finished with the signature Byredo minimalist labeling to elevate any room space.

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