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The Powerful Art of Surrender

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The concept of surrender has become increasingly prevalent in the wellness sphere. Many suggest that surrendering is the key to resolving issues in one’s life. However, surrendering is a complex process that involves relinquishing control over our relationships with ourselves and others, hence why it is often referred to as the art of surrender. There is no exact science to it. Surrendering means permitting ourselves to relinquish the limiting beliefs and behaviors of our ego-self and allowing a higher and divine power to take control. This process enables us to access a sense of oneness, wholeness, and balance, leading to a life of effortless manifestation.

Nevertheless, the journey towards surrender is not easy, as it requires an immense amount of attention and awareness to overcome our controlling tendencies and emotional chaos. The struggle with surrender often begins with our conditioning, which makes us perceive surrender as a sign of weakness and defeat. Consequently, we tend to surrender to unhealthy habits, cravings, and addictions to avoid the discomfort of facing our unmet needs. However, this reinforces our controlling patterns and beliefs that we are not good enough or worthy enough.

the art of surrender

How To Practice the Art of Surrender

Many people ask, “How do I surrender?” The answer is both simple and complex. We tend to try to surrender by exerting control over the outcome, which leads to a battle of wills. However, true surrender is about catching our reactions before we react, acknowledging the discomfort and chaos of our emotions, and allowing them to be. This non-reactive state allows us to access a different side of control that we previously could not access.

By surrendering our past and stepping into an unknown present, we create new healthy patterns that support our future selves. This process of surrendering empowers us to change our reality and transform our lives. We begin to believe in ourselves and our ability to change, opening our hearts to acceptance and allowing us to trust our innate abilities to receive and act upon the needs and communications of our emotional, somatic, and transpersonal intelligence.

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Surrendering is not about defeat but about embracing the unknown and trusting in our higher self. It requires us to break down our relationship with our controlling ego and build a relationship with our deeper selves, leading to a life of harmony, peace, and empowerment.

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